April 8, 2020

Pure Fotografica: Behind the Scenes

Professional Photographer at pure fotografica

Welcome to the studio, friend! 

Here at Pure Fotografica our mission is simple; I just want to show you how beautiful you really are. I have put off so many things in life until the time was perfect or I was perfect or could be perfectly prepared for it…  But the truth is, I was just robbing myself of life’s most beautiful experiences by not giving myself permission to enjoy them. So I urge you to learn from my mistakes and allow me to capture your authentic and beautiful self. I promise to be your trusted guide through every step of your amazing experience with Pure Fotografica.  So are you ready to see what’s in store? 

Let’s Get to Planning this Experience!

Providing insight for all wardrobe, hair and makeup needs

I don’t know about you but I tend to get overwhelmed by details in life. If I were on the other side of the camera, I would have SO many questions…like, what do I wear? How to I fix my hair and do my makeup? What do I do when the camera is pointed at me? What about my husband and kids and what do they wear? How is this all going to work? Ahhhh! 

Take a deep breath, friend. I totally understand that preparing for a photoshoot and the whole camera experience can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious. This is why after our portrait session date is set, we will begin with a friendly face-to-face chat. I just love this part!  This will give us a chance to get to know each other, to build trust, and to plan every detail of your dream photoshoot including wardrobe, accessories, and the timeline. I’ll make sure I’ve answered all your questions and we both are super pumped about your big day ahead!


Photoshoot Time!

Today is your day to shine! This whole experience is about giving you a confidence boost, to transform the way you feel about yourself and give you imagery to serve as lifetime proof of your beauty and confidence.  From your makeup and hair session to your photoshoot with me, expect nothing but royal treatment! My team is here to watch for every detail, to guide you through every pose and most flattering angle. I’ve seen it time and time again…after a few minutes of self doubt, you finally give in and let your guard down.  That’s where the real magic begins to happen and I know that you will be no exception.  

Get your hair and makeup done by our professional stylist

You will fall in love with your radiance that shines through your pictures


My Favorite Part!

The Reveal

This part is where rubber meets the road.  It’s super emotional, highly anticipated moment, where all my job satisfaction culminates. When I see a client look at their pictures, their face says it all. That realization of, “Wow, that’s really me.” That moment where you see the bold, beautiful, amazing, strong person behind that photo… well, that says it all. The reactions are never the same… there can be tears, sometimes laughter, and occasionally silence takes over the room as they dive in and process what they are looking at. Remember, you are more than what you see in the mirror. What’s on the inside matters more, and I want you to see THAT in your photos.  Once I hear, “oh I can’t decide, I just want all them, “ I know I’ve done my job.  

Revealing the photos

Clients love the reveal where they get to look at their photos

Enjoy every picture from your photo shoot at pure fotografica


Time to Showcase that Smile

We chose only the finest heirloom quality products to represent your beauty and legacy.  Luxurious handcrafted albums, elegant Portfolio Boxes and signature Wall Portraits are among our most coveted products. Did I mention that all your orders will be delivered to your door or installed on your wall? It gets even better, there is a lifetime warranty if the wall art piece were to break or have damage done to it. We know how special these photos will be to you, so we want to make sure you have them forever!

I can’t wait to meet you and start planning this perfect day, together! The feeling you have when you walk out of my studio is something truly indescribable and I cannot wait to have you in front of my lens! 

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